Assessment Services

Adele Monsef, Julia Avnon, Rosa Matthews

We offer a range of assessment services from psychoeducational to neurodevelopmental. The assessments will provide, with variations depending on the type of service chosen, a detailed evaluation of a child or young person’s abilities, challenges and needs, in the fields of education and/or social development.

This includes exploring specific learning differences such as Dyslexia and neurological conditions such as ADHD and Autistic Spectrum.

To find out more, contact our Child Development and Counselling Psychologist Adele Monsef.

Mental Health Services

Maria Chalidze, Jessica Narowlansky, Sabine

Our mental health team offers Psychotherapy and Art Therapy to children, adolescents, parents and individuals up to 24 years of age. We offer therapeutic support for a wide range of issues including anxiety, low mood, high levels of anger, eating disorders, compulsive behaviours, low self-esteem, abuse and trauma.

We also specialise in offering therapeutic support and intervention for children
and young people with Specific Learning Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum conditions and/or social communication difficulties.

To find out more contact Jessica Narowlansky, Maria Chalidze or Sabine Ben-Haim.

Speech and Language Therapy

Lynsey Reader

We offer a range of Speech and Language Therapy services including screening, assessment and intervention packages tailored to meet the needs of the individual. We offer support for children and young people with a variety of needs including delayed language, speech sound difficulties, social communication and stammering. We also provide reports for Education, Health and Care Plans and tribunals.

To find out more contact Lynsey Reader, Speech and Language Therapist.

Education Support Consultancy

Fin O’Regan, Jessica Narowlansky

We offer a range of services to help parents get the best out of a child or young person’s current educational setting or think about what might be a better fit for their child. Support for children, young people and their parents around issues of neurodiversity, learning, behaviour and socialisation is part of this service.

We also offer training and support to schools and local authorities in neurodevelopmental issues.

To find out more contact Education Support Consultants Jessica Narowlansky or Fin O’Regan