Fin O’Regan

Fin O’Regan

BSc (Hons), MA (Management), PGCE; current member of Special Education Consortium and the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee; full council member of Council of Registered Schools for the Teaching of Dyslexia (CReSTeD); associate lecturer for Leicester University, the National Association of Special Needs, the Helen Arkell Charity, the Institute of Education and currently on the advisory board at the University of Michigan, USA; former chairperson of the European ADHD Taskforce; former Vice Chairman of UK ADHD Partnership and the European ADHD Alliance

About Educational Support Consultancy

Specialising in Educational Support Consultancy with a particular focus on behaviour support for neurodiverse children and young people; training programmes for parents, schools and services

I am a Behaviour and Learning specialist, working with children and adolescents. I offer educational consultancy and support to individuals and their families; parent consultancy for learning, behaviour and socialisation issues; training for parents in neurodevelopmental issues; and coaching support for children and young people with neurodevelopmental issues. I also offer neurodevelopmental training courses for schools and services.

After studying Zoology and Genetics at Sheffield University, I trained as a secondary science and PE teacher.  I taught in London, Newcastle and Washington DC, becoming first Head of Science and then a Deputy Head Teacher. From 1996 – 2002, I was Head of the Centre Academy School, the first specialist school in the UK for children with ADHD/ODD.  This wide-ranging experience has given me a balanced perspective on the issues facing students, families, teachers and schools regarding Neurodiversity and learning behaviour and socialisation differences.  I currently work with schools and school support systems, including Social Services, Health Services, the police and foster carers.

In addition to my work with families, schools and support services, I work nationally and internationally as a presenter and consultant in behaviour, learning and motivation.  I provide Neurodiversity Consultancy and Training for the workplace environment.

 I have had over ten books published on the subjects of ADHD, SEND and challenging behaviours and other resources for educators and parents include pre-recorded webinars. More information can be found at