Sabine Bruyns

Sabine Bruyns

MA Graphic Arts, PG Cert. Therapeutic Arts, Cert. Teaching Art, Cert. Counselling using the Arts About Art Therapy

Specialising in Art Therapy, Virtual Reality tuition (in particular for schools and groups), creative development and expression, art tuition, GCSE and ‘A’ Level portfolio guidance

I am an artist, art teacher and Art Therapist working with children and young people of all ages. Of itself, art stimulates the brain and encourages children to strengthen their decision making skills, but it is also a very powerful therapeutic tool. In my role as Art Therapist, I allow my clients, especially those who find talk therapy uncomfortable, or even impossible, to explore their feelings, reduce their anxiety and increase their self-esteem. I also offer Virtual Reality tuition experiences, primarily to schools and groups at present, which allow the user to become immersed in a simulated world. This can be hugely beneficial to children with ADHD and anxiety.

After graduating from LUCA, School of Art in Belgium in 1987, specialising in printmaking and drawing, I worked as an artist and art teacher at LUCA, Ghent Campus and St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. Ten years later I moved to London. Over the years, I increasingly worked with young people with learning differences and mental health challenges, and this led me to join The Institute of Art Therapy and Education in 2014, where I studied Integrated Art Therapy. In 2014 I also joined The Independent School, a secondary school for children with additional needs, where I was Head of Art. Since 2015, I have been working with a multidisciplinary group of professionals to support children and young people with educational, mental health and social communication challenges. In 2018 I founded Ruby Red and Crimson Art and VR studios.

I continue to be immersed in my work as an artist, and my passion for printmaking and drawing has been part of my own personal creative journey. More recently, I have also started working with resin and found objects. Through my understanding of the arts and my therapeutic training and experience, I can support my clients by providing a safe space to explore, and enabling them to find new perspectives in their self-awareness. Art can reach the deepest part of us, where no words exist.